Polo International

“User Friendly is fantastic! They have assisted with ALL of our needs and put up with us patiently the whole time. I would highly recommend them for ANY AND ALL computer and phone needs. Pablo is awesome like having a personal IT guy! Everyone in the office is ready and willing to help at any time, always resolves issues as soon as they can. Ashley is amazing along with everyone I’m forgetting that deal with us!! Friendly, fast and know exactly what they’re doing. 10/10 would highly recommend.”

– Amy S.

Coastal Sunwear

“User Friendly Technology Services…Professional, Responsive, Proactive, Quick Problem Resolution…

As a small business owner, it has become challenging to keep our business devices, software, operating systems, apps, file storage, and back-up processes up-to-date and operating efficiently.

When a device or technology failure occurs, it can stop a business dead in its tracks.

Late last year, my office laptop failed. I called User Friendly Technology Services. They were able to diagnose the problem, and quickly put in place a solution to get my business up and running.

More importantly, the User Friendly team made several great recommendations that have improved the efficiencies of my business devices and software programs.

The User Friendly team are patient and great to work with. I am a very satisfied customer.”

– Marilyn W. 

F&S Projects

“We started using User Friendly few months ago, unfortunately, we didn’t know about them sooner! We legitimately believed we were being efficient in the way we kept our IT running… well, we were not! Turns out that as a growing business from a one-man show, to three, to five, and then to ten team members, one tends to think that the same fix you use for a single computer works with a network, and as an entrepreneur “nothing is impossible”, until you realize the amount of time wasted in trying to get computers to communicate to each other and the rest of the office. At first, I thought that the level of quality of service offered by User Friendly was available only to large companies with huge budgets, or that once I retained them, I would then be serviced by a complete different crew! I was WRONG! User Friendly has been a game-changer! Now the operation runs smoothly again. No more glitches, we get the timely advice and support a small growing company needs, and more (discounts on new equipment and so on). Within a single phone call, I have first-class support. Now I am back on running the business and stopped trying to spell a nonexistent electronic poltergeist.”

– Rafael F.

Little ToothDoctor

“User Friendly was an answered prayer. They are an honest IT company that cares about your business succeeding at what you’re in business to do. They plan ahead for you to avoid down time related to anything they can control. The staff is not only professional and knowledgeable but friendly too. We highly recommend them!”

Amy Dow Law

“As a solo practitioner, I thought I would only be able to afford a “B list” IT company. With User Friendly Tech Services I am happy to say I have A+ support. They installed all my software, got all my devices to speak to each other, and now they answer every question I have when a glitch (usually my fault) pops up. They saved me hours and hours of stress and aggravation, as they keep my system running smoothly, and leave me my time to devote to my clients. THANK YOU!”

– Amy Dow

Gallery Of Amazing Things

“I was referred to User friendly Technology by another business owner. I’ve been struggling for many years with my former technology company and assumed that it was the fault of Comcast, my software, QuickBooks, etc…name it – there was always an excuse. I had an emergency arise when my former IT company gave me a 24 hour notice, so I called User Friendly on the advice of my business associate and the change over was flawless. After 48 hours, I was expecting numerous problems as we have a complicated system – guess what….no problems…nothing. After years of disappointment and critical issues, we are finally FREE! Everything works beautifully and I’m saving thousands a month to boot! I know you’ve all had experience with IT departments and companies that promise you the world, but know that User Friendly actually deliver. That’s the difference. Don’t wait years while you are held hostage by your IT company…this is a game changer. I wish I would have done it years before, but these are the lessons you learn in business. Learn from my mistakes and hire User Friendly from the beginning and save your hair, sanity, and possibly your business.”

– Arron R.

Premier Therapy Solutions

“I’ve dealt with plenty of IT professionals in my career. User Friendly far surpasses them all with their knowledge and immediate service. I would recommend them to all businesses that need to outsource their IT services.”

– Lou C.

“User friendly is a great and appropriate name. Fast, friendly and professional service.”

– Thomas P.

“I have used User Friendly for the past several years as my business and IT needs have grown exponentially. User Friendly has always been there for me, both by remote as well as by on-site service calls. Furthermore, they anticipate my future needs and continue to build a system which is both economical and not lacking in foresight.

Integrated Pain Solutions of South Florida

“User Friendly is a vital part of our business success. The group at User Friendly has helped us with everything from the simple day to day operations to a complete server change.
I highly recommend this company for all your IT needs.

Mike White

Florida Sidewalk Solutions
“Very knowledgable, trust-worthy, FAST response time and over-all great company to work with! Our IT needs are being met and things are getting done!! =)”

– Dina Callari-Sdankus